Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:



ONE REASON JURIES let criminals walk is because judges give the juries instructions that must be followed, and often those instructions leave an otherwise reasonable jury no choice. Remember, justices and judges are politicians, too.


AFTER NEARLY a full year of Syria’s dictator slaughtering his own people, Obama/Hillary finally got around to closing our embassy in Damascus. Why so slow, Obama?


I FEEL FOR THE young man on the first page of the Metro section on Feb. 7 at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center. Malachi is 9, not a little child, and I think it was in poor taste to publish this picture.


WHAT DOES ONE have to do to get help with cars going down Pineview Drive too fast? It is a cut-through to miss the light at U.S. Highway 1 and Lumpkin Road. We have small children who get into the road before you know it. When we complain, no one seems to take it seriously.


AFTER CAYCE VICE was killed, people kept calling on more to be done for domestic violence victims. If the victims themselves won’t call the police, what else can be done?


I HOPE THE Republican circus is not winding down. We need more laughter in this world after the latest murders here. Mitt and Newt, we need to hear your spats.


FISKER MOTORS, recipient of a $500 million “green energy” loan from Obama’s Depart­ment of Energy, is laying off employees. I guess that was money well spent!


THE MAYOR’S ARTICLE in the paper was right on target. He correctly referred to the silly Facebook pages of so-called activist groups; however, they’re more than just silly. The six or seven “activists” who monopolize the dialogue on the “Augusta Today” site pepper their comments with lewdness, sexual double entendres, and other unbecoming language. To the casual observer, this provides rather meaningful insight as to their mindset and credibility.


SO FOREIGNERS don’t necessarily like the U.S. Constitution. Who the heck cares? Americans like it – everybody but power-grabbing politicians, that is.


I THINK THAT IT is hysterically funny that the IRS is using UPS to deliver a large number of forms instead of using the U.S. Postal Service.