Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



FIVE ADULTS IN a restaurant, same table, good service, NO TIP. HOW CHEAP can some people be? No, I wasn’t the waitress; I was at the next table.


A HUGE RAVE for James and Alicia! They gave comfort and care to my daughter last Sunday when she was hit in the head. There are not enough words to express what you did means to our family. We are grateful to you from the bottom of our hearts!


REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES do not need to fight among themselves. They need to focus on major issues and how they can restore this country.


RAVE TO COACH Jimmy Link of Paine College for getting The Augusta Chronicle to post the SIAC Basketball Standings. By the way, you are doing a great job with the team.


AS FAR AS MCG goes, it is a maze that exhausts one even to get into the main building. God help you if you park in the wrong garage and then find out elevators in the other areas are out of order because of construction which forces you to walk another mile to find your destination.


A RANT ABOUT the lack of security in the parking deck at University Hospital. My father was up there for four weeks and every night when I left, it was after dark, and I had to walk to my car by myself. I asked several times when I went to leave at night if I could get security to walk me to my car, and they never were available to do so. Something is definitely wrong.


ANOTHER DEDICATED law enforcement officer, Master Cpl. Sandra Rogers, of the Aiken Dept. of Public Safety, has lost her life at the hands of a criminal who should have been locked up in jail.


PLEASE SPARE ME from hearing that Joshua Jones had been going through “mental issues.” I also have some “mental issues” and I try to do my best to deal with them each day.


I LIKE WATCHING THE COMMISSION meetings, but you can’t see who is talking. Is there any way to rearrange the cameras so you can see who is talking? Also is there any way to have Mr. Russell sit down and stop walking between the camera and the commissioners?


WHY SHOULD ONE veteran get a new home built for no cost when all the other thousands of disabled vets have to buy their own homes and getting foreclosed?