Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.



NO ONE HAS been indicted in the football brawl where the winning Warren County coach was smashed with a helmet. Why would a winning coach hit anybody except in self-defense? If nobody is caught for this travesty, it’s just one more example of the current madness and American justice down the drain.


GEORGE WASHINGTON would turn over in his grave if he knew that a male United States congressman was planning to marry another man.


I SWEAR, IF Repub­li­cans loved Big Oil any more, they’d name their kids Conoco Phillips and Exxon Mobil. Big Oil just posted multibillion dollar profits – again. What are Republicans in Congress doing? Filibustering a jobs bill. Refusing to make the millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share.


RANTS TO THE ranter who dislikes all the happy and fun online commenters. Life’s too short to be such a stick in the mud. Laugh – you might find you like it.


PLENTY OF nonlibrary city employees were slighted by no raises; don’t forget them.


HA HA FOR THE Re­pub­lican comedy show. Now we see why Mitt and company wanted so badly to not tax themselves more when they are multimillionaires. So Mitt puts his money outside the U.S. Why on Earth should he be an American president?


THE RIVER IS A precious resource that should be preserved, and I believe in the work of the Riverkeepers organizations across the nation.


I GET NO COMFORT from knowing that Ron Cross and Doug Batchelor “are taking care of business” and “looking out for our best interest.”


A SADLY MISDIRECTED ranter claims the tea party wants tax breaks for the rich rather than creating jobs. Alas, what a sad ignorance of basic economics.


FAVORITISM AND cronyism have interfered with fairness in Columbia County. They give unfair advantage to people or companies that do not merit this treatment. This practice undercuts the transparency that should be a part of our local government.


RANTS TO DEKE Copenhaver. No more Ripken ballpark talk. What is the matter with these guys? Drop it and fix up the city with the $35 million.