Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



RANT TO THE RCBOE for failing to establish and maintain favorable teaching and learning conditions in many of its middle and high schools.


I WANT TO RAVE to Jimmy at Barney’s Pharmacy in Wrens for bringing my drops by after closing time. He could have been at home but he chose to help me. There are still good people in the world.


THE MEDIA AND the Washington Republicans are determined to destroy any Republican candidate that might be a threat to Romney’s chances of being the nominee to run against Obama. The irony is that all of the candidates are more qualified than the “community organizer in chief” that occupies the White House now. Three years in office and no one has questioned his qualifications yet. The media wants Romney so that the Republican Party will be split and Obama will be re-elected. The Washington Republicans are terrified that the nominee will be something other than their “Republican in name only.”


I SAY LEAVE THE baseball stadium where it is and make repairs if necessary. It will cost too much to relocate.


I’M SORRY JON Huntsman gave up. He was one of the best and the most straightforward of the candidates. Herman Cain shouldn’t have given up either.


AZZIZ, BUY MORE property, pay megabucks for name changes, fire employees, and cut pay for the rest. The college was doing fine before you came.


RICARDO AZZIZ, the great dictator. Why doesn’t Deke just turn Augusta over to him?


TO CASH A CHECK we must show picture ID, so is the problem that you are not being paid to vote? I am sure that if you were told to line up to show ID to get a check that one could be produced and happily at that.


THE CONDITION of Wrightsboro Road from North Leg to Daniel Field is embarrassing! Where are my taxes going, again?!


HOORAY FOR THE new Walmart coming near Wrightsboro Road! Yes, yes, yes!!! That will be much closer because I can rarely get a ride out to the other Walmarts. I just hope it will have the same policy to supposedly match lowest advertised prices elsewhere, please?