Rants and Raves



John that he can come
to the Lady A Amphi­theater after his gig downtown. No one seems to be using it, so it’s available.


THE MERGER OF ASU and GHSU is nothing but cover to eventually move all the medical training out to Athens a little bit at a time. In 20 years, it will be gone from Augusta and what will be left will still be what ASU is today. Very ingenious.


MY RANT IS The Chronicle allowing people to use the Rants & Raves section of the paper as a chat room. These people have no life. I don’t want to know who is first to post, what errands they need to run or music copied and pasted from YouTube. Debate the issues at hand; otherwise, get a Facebook account.


I SUGGEST THEY use GASU. Or maybe just leave things AZZIZ!


POWER BROKERS CLAIM the merger of MCG and ASU will produce a bigger school. Basic math teaches that 1 plus 1 equals 2. “Excitement or anticipation” has nothing to do with actual results. To call any money spent by government an “investment” has always proved to be a joke on the taxpayer, since government makes investment decisions based on the political goal of bigger government rather than actual improvement of what they’re “investing” our money in.


JIMMY CARTER WRITES that we “have a responsibility to take care of the Earth.” That’s right, but it doesn’t mean falling for dishonest political scams like global warming that merely use that excuse to gain unconstitutional and destructive power.


THANK YOU TO mystery person or persons who bought lunch for our Bible study group (seven women) at Cracker Barrel on Jan. 10. We will surely pass this blessing on to others.


A RAVE FOR Woodlawn United Methodist preschool. There should be more preschools like you, and we want to thank you for everything you have done. The Woodlawn staff and Pastor Jim and the members are awesome.


PACS ARE CLEARLY trying to buy public office for the guys whose puppet strings they control. Our country is now controlled by corruption. We’d better start making smart decisions and get some guts.

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