Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



THE SCHOOL MERGER will be very bad for Augusta. I don’t trust the politicians to make a good decision on this. They are only concerned with rewarding their cronies. In 20 years, MCG in Augusta will be a satellite of MCG in Athens – or whatever inane name they come up with by that time.


WHO’S GOING TO PAY Stephon Carter’s enormous hospital bill? Will it be Scotty Richardson’s friends and family and the other people of Aiken County he was trying to protect?


CHINESE GOODS ARE substandard even when made in China for an American company.


HELP! THERE HAVE been 10 water main breaks on our street in the past 10 years. Seven were in one man’s yard, one next door, two down the street (one of which was two weeks ago.) Now I have a sinkhole in my yard not near my incoming water or outgoing sewer. The county says it’s my problem. I think it’s another underground water burst. What can I do before my entire yard sinks in the ever-enlarging hole? Talking to the county is no help. They won’t even consider it’s their fault.


SAVANNAH RIVER­KEEPERS, great job. Last year you managed to enlist 500 new volunteers and have a major chemical plant closed, putting hundreds of people out of work in these economic times. But now the creek above the plant you put out of business is turning green and milky again. Maybe you should turn your efforts from closing chemical plants and do what you’re supposed to do: clean up our waterways. It seems like since you have been keeping an eye on the river and creek it’s only gotten worse.


PLEASE CALL THE government department in control of the weather. We need rain or snow. We haven’t had hurricane water since 1991 and no real hurricanes since Katrina. Can we get a hurricane this year? Don’t push them up the coast to New England.


THERE ARE OLD TIRES in the old front yard of an abandoned house in south Richmond County. All spring and aummer I tried to get code enforcement to remove tires because of mosquitoes. Tires are not removed. Can’t imagine why one wants to live in Richmond County.


A HEARTFELT RAVE to Starling Funeral Home. God bless you Darron, Polly and staff for the compassionate care you provided to my son AJ Allen and his family.