Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



FIRST, DR. AZZIZ TOLD us that he was smarter than we were. Then he said Augusta wasn’t cool. Now Dr. Azziz wants ASU. ASU, be afraid, be very afraid.


ALAS, THE presidential campaign manipulations are working smoothly and we seem to end up with no choice, i.e., a choice between Santorum and Romney. And if the big media are so powerful they can “render Santorum unelectable” based on their own anti-conservatism, we’re in bloody poor shape as an electorate. The media have convinced conservatives that nobody is good, but surely, sensible voters will simply ignore the media and vote for the least bad.


WHAT’S AUGUSTA STATE got to do with improving health? Is this government concentrating more power in one person? Azziz? He’s wasting no time.


BOEING AIRPLANE makers were attacked in S.C. by Obama after Boeing tried to start a plant that would create a lot of jobs. Now Boeing is forced to close the longtime job-making plant in Wichita, Kan. Obama claims he creates jobs while all the time he destroys jobs!


I WOULD LIKE TO RANT about the people who are ignoring school speed zones and who are also ignoring the school buses that are stopped with their lights flashing on Belair Road in the mornings.


RAVE TO DARIC JOHNSON for taking action in a dangerous situation.


THE LIBERAL MEDIA PRETEND to support women, yet they viciously attack sensible conservatives like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. Liberals own the media, the White House, the courts and most of Con­gress. We’d better wake up and fast.


IF OBAMA/CONGRESS would cut the abysmal waste out of the military, there’d be no need to cut out actual combat personnel. Rather, Obama is keeping the waste and cutting the soldiers. And Congress goes right along with him.


SAUDI ARABIA has beheaded 79 witches this year.




I WISH WHOEVER FOUND my 55-year-old Seiko watch a few days before Christmas would have turned it in. I ran a lost ad in The Augusta Chronicle and The North Augusta Star. I offered a reward along with my phone number.