Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.


A HUGE RANT FOR the veterinary clinics for what you are charging for treating a sick animal – $800 for an overnight stay? Be real. That is more than a human has to pay. That is why we have so many sick animals in this world. You are greedy, and it is very uncalled for.

IT’S PATHETIC. We have had two law enforcement agents killed in two months. It’s really a shame. The guy in South Carolina with three kids is killed by a felon who should have been in jail. Why wasn’t he? There is something wrong with the judicial system. I wish law enforcement and the judicial system would take a stand.

A RANT AGAINST Augus­ta Com­mis­sion member Alvin Mason on his domestic violence case. Why isn’t he resigning? He would be calling on other commissioners to resign if it involved them. Why does he get special privileges? I have had friends who went to jail for family violence and had to sit in jail for three or four days. Can someone answer that?

A RANT FOR CHRIS on Chan­nel 12. Why aren’t you doing something about Alvin Mason and investigating him? C’mon, let’s be fair. Let’s not discriminate.

ALVIN MASON, you voted to fire. What goes around comes around. Happy New Year!

MY MAMA ALWAYS said good things come to those who wait. I opened the paper and got wonderful news. Steak and Shake is coming to Columbia County. I love me some Steak and Shake. It made my day.

AT THE CHILDREN’S Medica Center the waiting room was very nice, but there was a rude lady who kept flipping the TV channel. My choice is to put the TV in a cage so that only the staff can change it.

I WOULD LIKE TO respond to the person who asked if the tea party members were at the state Capitol in Co­lum­bia, would they be allowed to stay. First of all, us tea partiers have to work every day so we wouldn’t be there at all. Second, we wouldn’t do it on general principle of destroying our beautiful state Capitol. It’s time these guys wake up, get a job and get a life.

MY RANT IS FOR the poor people in town who can’t afford pants and skirts. They come to stores in their pajamas. Apparently, they just get out of bed and come to the stores. It looks so pitiful. I want to buy them some pants. It’s the way our society is going; people are so sloppy now.