Rants & Raves



I HOPE THE person who killed Officer Richard­son watched his funeral. I bet he won’t have as many people come to his funeral.


THANKS FOR your story about Marietta Conner. What a blessing she is to her neighbors.


A RANT TO the ranter who spoke about filling stations not taking EBT for junk food. I’ve known quite a few poor people who get food stamps. They are not too poor to ask me to buy them so they can buy non-food items. They are laundering them everywhere and using them for rent. We are tired of our tax dollars supporting those who take advantage of the system.


WHO WILL IT BE? Perry? Romney? How strong are they on public safety? Do they know what we face in our neighborhoods every day? If they are disconnected from our fear, maybe they will find an adviser to help them understand what people in the South go through.


IF WE WON’T voluntarily spread the wealth then they must come and take it. It’s the Obama way.


IN THE MEADOW we can build a snowman … Oh wait, we can build a rain man.


DO YOU EVER ever watch Parking Wars? All those people were in the Target parking lot Saturday. Lots of people parking in the handicap zone should be glad our parking isn’t enforced.


WOMEN WHO HAVE had plastic surgery on their faces look funny. They look like cats.


NO MATTER WHAT spin the liberal media puts on it, I still live in the greatest country in the world. The fact we can all celebrate Christmas in our different ways without bombs is a tribute to that. Merry Christmas. May we all live in peace.


FOR PUBLIC SAFETY, we need an armed law enforcement officer at all 24/7s, whether they be restaurants or convenience stores. We need to clean out these shopping centers where these bums, derelicts and thieves hang out and get some police protection to protect the public from harassment.


IF ALVIN MASON’S incident occurred on the 23rd, why was he not arrested immediately instead of being allowed to turn himself in on the 27th? Anyone else would have spent the weekend in jail. I guess it is true: politicians do have privileges.