Rants & Raves

CONGRATULATIONS TO 96-year-old blood donor Joe Johnson. How inspiring! More people should be willing to volunteer to donate blood to save lives while you have the health to do so.



YOU PEOPLE ARE WORRIED about Magnolia Trace resident incomes? You should be worried about criminal background checks, track the reason for the low income and check for known criminal associates.


I SAW AN AD by University Hospital that babies prefer University. Babies don’t know squat!


CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHAT a chicken has to do with selling glasses? Please Stanton, fricassee that bird. It sure doesn’t make me want to do business with you if that’s the best as you can come up with.


CHRISTIANS IN PAKISTAN are suffering. I hope the missionaries who converted these people from Islam are happy. They forced their religion on these people and left them there to be discriminated against and even killed. It’s best to just stay home and stay out of other people’s business. What good did you do?


I FOUND THE COLUMN by Mr. Robert Ringer and his reference to the President of the United States of America as a “ne’er-do-well” to be the height of distastefulness and utter disrespect. There will one day be another person in the White House, and this continued denigration of the individual and personal attacks are setting a negative template for generations to come. Don’t be surprised that the youth will hold this office in utter contempt; adults such as Mr. Ringer have left a great example.


COMPLETELY TIRED OF THE pop-up auto ad on The Augusta Chronicle homepage as well as screaming car commercials on the radio.


WHAT A TERRIBLE TRAGEDY WHEN a police officer is killed in action. But why does the community think that we owe their children an education? Military personnel are killed every day and no fund is set up for their children’s education. It is their choice of jobs.


I HAD A LAUGH about the guy who spent $1 a week for a whole year and only won $2 in the Georgia Lottery. This is why the lottery is called a tax on people who can’t do math.


I LIKED HAVING ONLY ‘‘raves’’ on Christmas Day. Thank you. You made a lot of people happy.