Rants and raves

TO THE PERSON driving 65 in the fast lane and complaining about being tailgated, the person tailgating you just might be a responder heading to an emergency. In any case, it is none of your business, so move over!


I consider myself a defensive driver. Today’s traffic speed is such that if you simply keep up with traffic, you will get there with time to spare. If someone wants to go faster than the normal flow, move over and let them pass.

OBAMA’S JUSTICE DEPARTMENT keeps on attacking an Arizona sheriff and his efforts to control illegal immigration while Obama refuses to enforce our federal laws.

EX-FOOTBALL PLAYERS are filing suit against NFL claiming they got concussions on the job. Football is not called a “contact” sport for nothing. And nobody forced them to take all their absurdly high pay.

DURING THIS SEASON of good will toward others, any happy or merry greeting should be received with gratitude and joy. Share the gladness with everyone!

IT’S AMAZING THAT church members would pick to pay for the balance of a $115 purse on layaway at a fancy store instead of clothes or foods for kids. Glad I don’t waste my monies that way. I would not even pay $15 for a purse!

WHY ON EARTH WOULD true Christians quibble over the name of their group, that the word “Baptist” would discourage people? Aren’t you supposed to gain fellow Christians by the love of God?

EBT IS A SCAM. I have a neighbor who sells her balance. She uses her sister’s Medicaid card. She claims an extra child that’s not hers on her taxes. She has Section 8. Her one child gets free meals at school. She got free gifts from James Brown and Salvation Army. She eats out all the time at fast-food places that take EBT. Oh, and she works full time at a 36K a year job. There should be a way to monitor these systems.

HOW MANY presidential candidates have won Iowa and gone on to get nominated to run for president? It is my understanding that none have.

FIRST, MAKE JENNIFER KEETON pay back all ASU court costs. It was obvious from the start that in this day and age, you cannot assert your personal Christian, anti-gay views on anyone in education or psychology. Pay your court costs and get lost.

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