Empty Stocking Fund donors

Previously acknowledged $79,341.30



In Memory of my Wife Mary Catherine Grealish Sullivan $25

Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men $100

In Loving Memory of Jerry & Prissi $25

Manav Mohanty of Martinez.
He is our grandson and 3 ½ years old.
We wish also Peace on Earth. $25

In honor of William & Maggie Salley,
Salley & Thomas Wilson,
& John, Ben & Charlie Salley $350

Anonymous $175

Mrs. Blount and Mrs. Sandi’s K4 Class
at First Baptist, Augusta $250

In honor of our son Michael Hall $25

In memory of Orville and Mrytle Steele $20

In memory of
Henry and Alice Goldman $20

Merry Christmas from Mary Ellen,
Curry, Camille, Harry, Macon,
Berkeley and Charlotte $100

May this small token of love
help in some way. $25

In Honor of Mallory, Mason,
Cooper & Kailyn $25

Merry Christmas from Brandy,
Ludwig, & Louie $60

In honor of our grandchildren Addison
and Annie Rae Reeves from Charles
and Mary Reeves. $50

In Loving Memory of Nelle, Heather
and Todd from Bob & Jordy $50

In memory of Mrs. Kathleen K. Smith,
Mrs. A.R. Roan, and Ryan Lariscy $100

In Memory of
Mr. & Mrs. William Roscoe Brigham $250

In Memory of J. Logan Kitchens
by his family $25

From Harold Westley and his deceased sister, Mattie Golphin $50

In Memory of Sam, Nellie, & Doris Blackwell $100

In loving memory of my wife,
Judy Vann. $50

In Loving Memory of Marie Clement $25

In loving memory of Angelia Sullivan,
Little Nat, Clarence Brown Jr.,
and Voodoo. $20

In Loving Memory of Ken (Frank)
Chalker. We miss you dearly! $10

In honor of our cats. Ginger, Snowball,
and Callie! $10

In Loving Memory of our mom,
Judith Ward. Gone but not forgotten.
We miss you! $30

In loving memory of my father,
Albert L. Bivines and a friend
who was like a father to me,
Walter S. Williams. $100

From William and Patricia Colbert $100

To the Glory of God and In Memory of Wesley and Juanita Widner
from Children and Grandchildren $50

Anonymous $10

In memory of loved ones from Rob
and Barbara Graybill $25

Merry Christmas from Thurman
and Marcella Slusser $15

From: Eleanor C. Cross $100

In Loving Memory of my son, Eddie Hornyak, and also In Memory of my
Mom & Dad, Jean & Bob Morris. $100

In Honor of the Allison, Atkinson,
Fuller, Lanier, M. Jennings,
& S.Craig Families. $50

In memory of Mama, Daddy,
Henry, Max, and Putney. $25

Anonymous $50

From Liam, Camille, Drew, Hannah,
and Ella. $50

From: James and Chong Reynolds $50

In honor of our grandchildren Ben,
Hunter, Mackenzie, and Morgann. $100

From: Candies R. Gerald $50

In loving memory
of Robert Lee Hayden $25

From: Clara and Stanton Grady Hill $50

In Loving Memory of
Ruby Lee Jenkins and Betty Jackson $25

From Stanley and Donna Jenkins $20

In memory of Kathleen Rosling
and Edwin Baker $50

Anonymous $1

In loving memory of Cindy; Father,
Mother, and Son $25

In Rememberance of Family
From Alvetta Carroll $100

From Sarah, Phoebe, and John Clark $100

Anonymous $25

In honor of Mrs. Wiggins’ K-4
at First Baptist Church of Augusta. $200

Anonymous $25

From Episcopal Day School $846.01

From: Donald and Donna Hallman $50

From Charles and Joeann Williams $20

In memory of Louise K. Dickson $1,000

From Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Maddocks $100

In memory of our son, Bobby McCrary,
from Nell and Larry McCrary $100

From: Warren and Vickie McCorkle $25

From Ebenezer Scrooge $25

In Memory of Doris Canady $25

From Martin and Marcia Kennedy $50

From Bonnie and Tommie Ford $50

In Loving Memory
of Gerald “Pops” Phalin $25

In memory of Becky Herrity
by Joe Herrity $100

In Loving Memory of
Mary Colley Stewart $25

In memory of Cricket $25

In Honor of the Joys of my Life:
Peyton and Parker $50

From: William and LaVerne Holmes $100

For Lucille, Emma, Eva, James, and
Susan from Don and Betty Hostetler $50

Anonymous $30

From: The Golden Agers of
Elim Baptist Church $300.15

Anonymous $50

“In memory of” Ivie and Jimmy Lee $20

In memory of Matthew B. Aiken $40

In memory of Joe R. Owens, Sammie Lee Owens and Cynthia Fay Owens $20

James Adams, Jr. $25

Bonnie Washburn $100


Total today $6,767.16

Total this year $86,108.46