Empty Stocking Fund donors list

Previously acknowledged $74,397.30



Gene and Laura Rollins $500.00

In honor of Hinata Chavez 100.00

In memory of the Rev. Ray Fowler and Mrs. Hazel Fowler 20.00

In honor of the Christ Child 100.00

In memory of my Brother Wayne Bailey from Richard E. Bailey 100.00

“Merry Christmas” Ken and Richard Bailey, Bailey Development LLC 200.00

Pamela Ham 25.00

In memory of Earl and Dick by Jean Hilderbrant 50.00

In loving memory of my mother, Annie R. Mundy and my brother, Billy Mundy 30.00

In memory of Billy and Irene Horne 25.00

The Sisters of Alpha Delta Kappa (ADK) Sorority in North Augusta, South Carolina 130.00

In memory of my parents Joseph and Joyce Sampson, my beloved husband J.T. Richardson and my beloved daughter Julane Davidison, from Janice and Jason Richardson 50.00

David Clark 25.00

In memory of Tom and Frances Daniel 50.00

In memory of Joyce and her son Patrick 50.00

In memory of Edna and Dudley Bowen, Elsie and Pepper Martin 100.00

Patrick and Monique Catalini 50.00

John and Doris McManus 25.00

Fannie Fair 25.00

Anonymous 50.00

Gary Berg anbd Pick Chen Chai 100.00

G.G. and O.T. Hoard 50.00

In loving memory Mr. and Mrs. O.B. Washington Sr. 25.00

Olin and Drucilla Wood 3.00

In memory of Gram, Granma and Grandpa 100.00

Janice and Perry Austin Jr. 25.00

In loving memory of my brother, Bob White 25.00

Blanche Riley 10.00

“In memory of Paul and Ida Bennett and Andrew and Carmela Wagner 200.00

In memory of Dundo 100.00

The Wednesday Bridge Club 10.00

“The Shingleton Family” 150.00

Ricardo and Cynthia Azziz 200.00

U and J 50.00

“To our friend’s at Grennfiled” Kathy and George Blackburn 200.00

Outreach Inc. 821.00

Dorothy Kyler 25.00

“Merry Christmas” Carole and Richard Bailey 250.00

Diane Drake 40.00

“In honor of my Son-in-Law Leon Ray” 200.00

Bill and Delaine Dalzell in memory of our fathers Ed Gillespie and William Dalzell, Sr. 100.00

“In memory of Bill Lovett” 100.00

Title I/Ga Pre-K Department Richmond County Board of Education 455.00


Total today $4,944.00

Total this year $79,341.30

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