Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:



WHILE WALKING MY dogs at Phinizy Swamp, I met a gentleman who had lost his dog when he was fishing at the Mayor’s Fishing Hole. He was worried that someone may have taken him into their car even though the dog was on a chain. If someone has this dog I hope they will make every effort to get it back to the rightful owner as he was truly heartbroken.


A RAVE TO ALL the doctors, nurses and assistants at MCG Neuro ICU who took such great and compassionate care of my mother, who was admitted there two weeks in November for a rare brain infection. I credit them with saving her life and helping our family through a very scary time. What an amazing group of caregivers.


THE BUSES HAVE been much more on time thanks to Mobility. I was worried at first when a lot of the former drivers were substituted. But now, most drivers are a lot better at not leaving the bus station just as other buses pull in. They also do not rush through a round to sit for 10 minutes or sit somewhere before they then go into the station, therefore running early at the top of the round. I am no longer stranded by a rushing driver now. So a lot less waiting a whole 40 or 80 minutes ’til the next bus round I want. And they are much more timely on the routes, especially Augusta Mall. I don’t know where you got the idea of 15 minutes but all buses run either 40 or 80 minutes per round. May Mobility keep up the good work!


A HUGE RAVE to Leanna at Portrait Innovations outside the mall. She was super nice and patient despite the store being really busy and took some great pictures of our family for baby’s first Christmas. Also, thank you for the wonderful Christmas gift! You did a wonderful job and a smile never left your face. Merry Christmas! :)


A HUGE RAVE TO THE lady who came to my aid with her car and jumper cables last week in the Harbor Freight parking lot when my battery failed. Also thanks to the gentleman who helped push my car out of the parking space and others who offered assistance. I was humbled and impressed by the “kindness of strangers,” and I will “pass it on.”


PLEASE, YOU ANIMAL LOVERS, keep your pets in your yard. Believe me I love dogs, but these sneaky cats are up for no good when they go on other people’s property. What good is a leash law? Keep them in your yard, they do not need to aggravate other people. I hate them.