Rants and Raves



A ‘KEEP ON DANCING’ rave to the Little Caesar’s employee at the corner of Washington Road and Alexander Drive. Every afternoon, he brightens my day with his dance moves and enthusiasm. Keep on shaking your groove thing.


NEWT GINGRICH’S “compassionate conservatism” is just as big a socialist buzzword as it was when Bush used it.


WHY IS HIGHWAY 56 getting blamed for the accidents where it’s the driver’s fault for pulling in front of other vehicles or crossing the yellow line? Learn how to drive, and leave Highway 56 like it is. The danger is the log trucks. I drive it every day and log trucks pass me speeding.


RANT, RANT, RANT to the hunter who shot the beloved horse of Lisa Doker. No amount of money or time in jail will ever replace this beautiful animal, but a hefty compensation should be paid and a lengthy stay behind bars.


DOES OBAMA SPEND any time in Washington? Seems like he is mainly traveling or campaigning.


THIS IS A RANT for the person who had their beautiful German shepherd riding in the back of a truck, with a leash on, on Interstate 20 westbound. You didn’t even care that the dog is lying dead on the interstate and you left it there. You really ruined everyone’s day. To those of you who put your animal in a truck bed, please put it in the cab, or leave it at home.


I AM REALLY disappointed with the coverage of high school basketball. I’m looking at an article about the Academy of Richmond County playing Cross Creek, and I see nothing about Cross Creek. ARC won the game by one point, but there is nothing about Cross Creek. This shows bias.


DR. CONRAD MURRAY did not kill Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson killed himself by getting all of those surgeries.


SMOKERS, PLEASE STOP smoking at the entrances into restaurants. People who do not smoke do not want to smell or breathe your bad habit; learn common courtesy.


WHERE IS ALL THIS traffic coming from? Don’t people work anymore?


TO THE UNKIND MAN WHO got mad at me for stopping on Petersburg Road to remove a young live turtle trying to cross the street, MYOB. Some people have a heart.