Empty Stocking Fund donors

Previously acknowledged: $56,107.30



Charles Williamson III $150

Sandra and Daniel Leonard $25

Michael and Laurie Myers $25

Kathleen Cook $100

Jerry and Earlenen LaFontaine $50

Kate and Stephen Ferguson $25

Lynn and Sheila Crosby $100

Robert and Cynthia Rickman $25

William and Cynthia MeKettrick $100

Anonymous $50

John and Mildred Barber $250

Rhubarb $25

Marcus Holston $50

Christine Morgan $100

Frederick Fidler $50

J.R. and C.F. Dzaugis $200

Lenora Bacon $10

Dennis and Carol Murphy $20

Order of Ahepa Chapter 407 $100

Anonymous $500


Total today: $1,955

Total this year: $58,062.30


* Previously reported in error

In loving memory of our dear friends Jim Wiley and Harry Glass and in honor and memory of our men and women of the military and law enforcement. Wayne and Marie Wright $35

Campbell E. Harison $25