Rants & Raves

IF YOU ARE in politics and you have to run for office on your own money, you ain’t no politician. Politicians run on the other fellow’s money.





I CALLED Augusta Cares complaining about a dog chained to a tree, and I was sent a letter saying that no cruelty was involved. But the dog was chained to a tree and left out in freezing temperature without shelter. If that is not cruelty than I don’t know what is.


HOORAY FOR the North Augusta student with the Confederate flag. Keep flying your flag and be proud that you are an American and a Southerner.


I PREFER TO catch the bus sometimes because $1.25 (one way) is a lot cheaper than running my car, but if you decide to save money this way you might want to invest in some books. You can know the schedules perfectly but you are going to wait – and wait and wait. I’ve never seen anything like it. I must say the drivers are very courteous, though.


WHERE IN THE world has the darling of the GOP been these days? My guess is that Sarah Palin is counting her money laughing at all you Republicans.


RAVES FOR corrections Officer Westbrook at the Charles Webster Detention Center. Her firm but fair, innocent-until-proved-guilty policy concerning inmates is the epitome of genuine law enforcement. Officer Westbrook is well-respected by inmates and her character is above reproach.


PEOPLE NEED to be warned about con artists. I received a call this week. The man spoke in broken English. He was saying all senior citizens were being issued some type of card, and he needed to know my bank account number. I hung up. Please beware of these con artists who are targeting senior citizens.


DFCS IN AUGUSTA says they are here to put families back together. I am a veteran trying to get my family back together. They did everything in their power to keep me and my kids apart.


MY GRANDCHILDREN have all taken dance and I love to see the children dance and have a good time, but some of the suggestive moves that some of the small children made in the parade in the past, I have been unable to look at. The morals of the people who are teaching them to do this are not up (to) the standards they should be. This is not right.