Empty Stocking donors list

Previously acknowledged $55,007.30



In honor of “50” Anniversary! 12-12-11 Floyd and Cornelia $50

In loving memory of my Wife Ruth L. Thieme by Carl H. Thieme $50

Janice Nelson $75

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $50

Ann and Michael Henderson $50

In loving memory of our dear friends Jim Wiley and Harry Glass and in honor and memory of our men and women of the Military and Law Enforcement $35

In honor of grandchildren Gage and Zoe $25

Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio $50

The “Leisurettes Bridge Club” In memory of Sarah Avery Washington $100

Dorothy Carpenter $25

In memory of Courtney Calvert from Bob and Nina $50

John and Mary White $15

Anonymous $50

Roberta Barbadora $50

In honor of Aiden C. Weir from Damma and Bobbie $25

Merry Christmas! Chester and Carol Howard $25

In loving memory of Ward S. Claussen $25

John and Renee Bryant $25

In memory of Toby $50

In memory of Janie $50

In honor and memory of my Father-Foster Christian By Carole C. Bailey $100

In honor and memory of my Mother-Annie Bailey by Richard E. Bailey $100


Total today $1,100

Total this year $56,107.30