Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.



A RANT TO THE high school football coaches who curse so loudly during the games that it can be heard all across the stands.


IN RESPONSE to the person who wants the participants in the downtown parades to dance less provocatively: We have some of the best high school bands and dancers in the entire Southeast. I think it is an honor to see them on these parades downtown. I hope they keep dancing and enjoying themselves. So keep shaking, jiving, boogying or whatever you want to call it. I thoroughly enjoy it.


RANTS TO THE lady in the gray car on Riverwatch Parkway. She was tailgating me and caused me to run over a little dog. She shouldn’t be tailgating driving so fast.


THE JUSTICE SYSTEM is very messed up. My young daughter, first offender, was stopped at a roadblock, checked for possibly drinking. She had had a glass of wine. The numbers were rounded off so she would get a DUI. She was a first offender with a clean record. It has been a nightmare.


IT IS A SHAME there have been so many break-ins and home invasions in Augusta recently. Everyone is struggling in today’s world. Instead of stealing someone else’s stuff I wish these people would get a dang job and work for stuff.


THE DISNEY ON ICE show was awesome! The only negative thing was prices of all of the toys and food that were being sold. Watching the children look at all of the items being pushed and knowing that parents could not afford them. What happened to the good old days of popcorn and candy?


THE SCHOOL BOARD is wasting $96,000 on bus cameras when you could have put that money into saving your bus drivers from leaving their jobs to others to make a living.


ONCE AGAIN, the losers in Washington prove that there is no leadership in the government. The failure of the Super Committee to come to any deal proves once again that senators and congressmen have only one interest – their own.



WHAT HAPPENED TO all the money that tobacco companies gave up to help people stop smoking? Wasn’t that what all the money was for? Now you’re saying poor people can’t get help to stop smoking. What a fix that was.