Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


SOMEONE, PLEASE drag the remains of that old paddle wheel into a viewing area. It’s a wonderful example of history that needs to be saved and not waste away in the weeds.

I WOULD TRULY LOVE to see J.D. Paugh’s helmet, etc. put somewhere secure that could be viewed by people who knew him and people who wished they had. Shot 13 times, he still managed to get off three shots, one that wounded the shooter and probably led to his suicide. Also please put his name in for the national officer of the year award.

THE GOVERNMENT IS messing with the weather to keep our attention off other things. Massive fires, tornadoes, 19 hurricanes but not one made landfall, snow and flooding. They have a machine in Alaska that controls the jet stream. I wonder what they are up to.

THE JACKSON FAMILY is so money hungry that they are going to auction off Michael’s death bed.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the staff of The Augusta Chronicle, and thank you for the fine job you do.

HEY, RCSD, take a look at all of the traffic problems caused by Woodlawn day-care parents turning left onto Milledge from Walton Way right underneath the no left turn sign. Enforce the law.

TO THOSE HEARTBROKEN this Thanksgiving I say to look up. God can make a better way.

A RANT TO MY neighbor who plays a boom box 24/7 in or around my subdivision in Grovetown. I can’t tell where it is coming from, but it vibrates into my home and we can’t sleep at night.

YOUR EDITORIAL calls the Augusta government “the gross dysfunction.” Fred Russell has been the man in charge. How can Russell be a “steadying influence” while on his watch gross dysfunction reigned?

WHY SHOULD SMOKERS get taxpayer help? They chose to start smoking. The taxpayers didn’t force that on them.

A RAVE TO THOSE RCS teachers and other staff who work hard every day to help Richmond County kids prepare for their adulthoods.

IT IS TIME FOR Hatney, Mason and Johnson to stop acting like petulant little children and to provide some leadership for their constituents.