Rants & Raves



GIVE THEM SOME tents and have them “occupy” Regency Mall.


AS AN EMPLOYEE of SRS, when Rick Perry announced that one of the departments he would get rid of if elected president was the Department of Energy, he immediately got my support.


BEING A STATES righter, no wonder I believe the Supreme Court should leave state decisions to the states and not let one fence-sitter, liberal or conservative, make the decisions – thinking of Obama’s health care.


JOHN RUFFIN: He already has the law center named for him. Isn’t that enough?


I HAVE BEEN getting my Augusta Chronicle for 79 years. I like the width, but there is not enough news. There needs to be more pages and larger print. I really enjoy the Rants and Raves.


WE SURE DO MISS Matt Monroe. He and Mary Morrison were such a good team in the morning.


IS THERE A public policy somewhere about how to handle someone with obvious loss of control of body fluids? I know I saw someone at Thanks­giving that disgusted me and my companion at lunch when they lost their bladder all over their chair. The restaurant people didn’t say a word, just moved the chair out of the area at least. The other day, some guy obviously leaking body fluids through his pants for quite some time sat on a seat on the bus. We need some public policy about handling people somehow so that they won’t contaminate anything and anyone.


RAVES TO Dr. Wayne Frazier for his ceaseless efforts to help improve Glenn Hills High School and the educational opportunities it affords his students.


THANK GOODNESS for the Occupy crackdowns.


THANK YOU, Lt. Jimmy Young, for your 35 years of dedicated service. The Richmond County Sheriff’s Department should be proud and honored to have an employee such as yourself. We appreciate all your hard work.


THESE LOUD car commercials on the radio are very annoying. Are they trying to let the deaf hear them?


HOW MANY holidays do state and federal workers get in November? No wonder the post office is in debt.