Gas prices drop for Thanksgiving travelers

Gas prices are anticipated to drop as we near the Thanksgiving holiday and more drivers hit the roads.


AAA anticipated about a 4 percent increase in holiday traffic this year with more than 42.5 million Americans traveling 50 or more miles between Wednesday and Sunday. About 90 percent of travelers are anticipated to be traveling by automobile.

Although travel is up, AAA is also predicting a continual drop in gas prices due to “lackluster demand.”

The demand is 3.6 percent behind last year, helping to keep prices lower.

“Thanksgiving travelers will get a bit of a break at the pump this year,” said spokeswoman Jessica Brady in a news release. “Although a gallon of gas costs more than last years, motorists shouldn’t see prices spike before Thanksgiving. There’s a good chance gas prices will continue to drop into Wednesday -- the official start of the holiday.”

The current average in Georgia is $3.28. The price is about 15 cents cheaper than last month but about 50 cents higher than this time last year.

Holiday travelers are also advised to take heed of the weather, which is said to mimic the weather from last week.

The week begins with warm weather in the upper 70s before a transition Tuesday evening as a cold front pushes through the area.

“Right now the possibility for severe thunderstorms like we saw last week are still on the low side,” said Shawn Smith, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. “There’s always a possibility that we could get a strong to severe storm when we get these fall cool frontal passages.”

The chances for severe weather would be Tuesday evening through Wednesday, Smith said.

By Thanksgiving Day, temperatures will drop into the low to mid-60s with no chance of rain.

Temperatures in the 60s and will continue through the weekend.

Weather forecast

Today: upper 70s/60s, 20% showers

Tuesday: upper 70s/60s, 20% showers

Wednesday: mid 70s/low 40s, 50% morning showers

Thursday: mid 60s/40s, sunny

Friday: 60s/40s, sunny

Saturday: 60s/40s, sunny

Sunday: 60s, 40s, showers