Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



ANDY WILLIAMS HAS bladder cancer. It can be taken care of with medicine and treatment. I have been battling bladder treatment for four or five years. I couldn’t get the chemo that the doctor wanted me to have because I couldn’t afford it. But the good Lord had taken care of it, and now they say I have no cancer. One way or another, it can be taken care of if you believe in God.


A RAVE TO journalist Don Rhodes and Chronicle staff photographer Michael Holahan for their outstanding feature in the Applause section regarding the Eryn Eubanks and the Family Fold music festival, which was a great success in part because of their efforts in publicizing the event.


EVERY TIME Georgia Tech wins a game, they are on Page 5 or 6 in Sports. After their biggest game, against Clemson, they got a little spread on the side of the page. But Georgia can lose and they are on the front page of the paper and Sports. You are continuously shoving Georgia Tech like they don’t even exist.


I DO LIKE THE smaller newspaper. I would like it to be shorter in length, too, because it is still a little unwieldy.

I absolutely hate the layout for the crossword. It is long and bulky. It needs to be square so you can fold the paper in half.


ANYONE WHO IS able to work should be working at some kind of job. This country is broken financially, partly because able-bodied people are on welfare. We cannot continue as a country like this. We will fall.


THIS IS FOR PEOPLE considering taking their own precious life; please don’t. Someone here loves and needs you. Go to church and find a church family to call your own. God has you here for his purpose, not ours. There are people on this world who need you, like me.


IT SEEMS THAT EVERY time a waterworks employee is caught doing something illegal, my water bill goes up.


A RANT FOR THE Columbia County Sheriff’s Office about the immigration bust. There are 10 million illegal immigrants living in the United States, and you are going after one man. I’m glad you have nothing better to do with your time. You need to be solving murders and child abuse cases and not something as stupid and petty as this.