Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I DON’T PARTICULARLY like Rick Perry the Republican candidate. However, he has come up with a viable energy independence plan using our own resources that could put one million plus people back to work. How does that compare to the president’s job plan which at best will only generate a handful of jobs?

THE NEW CONFERENCE center parking structure looks really great and we can all be proud of it. What I don’t understand is why parking is not free for us at times that conferences are not taking place?

A RAVE FOR Mrs. Troxler of Lewiston Elementary School. She is such a dedicated teacher.

HUGE RANT TO the city of Grovetown for refusing to acknowledge that I didn’t receive a bill and cutting my water off! When I went to the office, several others were claiming the same thing.

I WATCHED AN Augusta commissioner being interviewed on TV, and he started a sentence by saying, “We was given...” It’s a sad thing when the people elected to lead our community have difficulty in formulating a simple sentence properly.

THE LEFT-TURN SIGNAL at St. Sebastian that allows traffic onto Greene Street toward River Watch Parkway needs repair. It only works half the time. Instead of easing traffic out of the Medical District, it is causing more backups. Please get this signal working properly.

IS THERE NO END TO the publication of postcards from travelers in Bill Kirby’s column? He is a better journalist than that. What percentage of your readership is really interested in such information?

WHAT DID SOLYNDRA do with half a billion dollars? We need to ask Obama and make him liable for this fiasco.

PRISONERS RIOTING IN a privately owned prison? Those guys have way too much time on their hands. They won’t have time to riot if they are out busting rocks into little rocks!