Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


GEORGIA GOVERNMENT is broke; Georgia citizens are broke. Yet Azziz insists on increasing spending. Just exactly whom does he work for?

ODD THAT SCHOOLS lack money for Bible classes, yet they seem to have an abundance of classes that teach sex-ed and other anti-Bible stuff.

RANT TO THE CHRONICLE sports writers. Georgia Tech will never have their respect. Instead of high praise for a Tech win against a highly rated team, Clemson gets the headline as having their season crushed. In addition, no matter what Tech does, Georgia always has top billing.

HERMAN CAIN HAS one main problem. He used to be president of a Federal Reserve Bank, a power center for the power elite. That’s super bad. It appears the powers-that-be are manipulating both sides, so no matter who wins the election, the power elite will be in charge.

APPARENTLY commissioners say they got lied to about parking lots. If they got flim-flammed, they’re stupid. And if somebody lied to them, lock up the liar!

HOORAY FOR THE ladies and their features of their breast cancer stories for October! So good to know of some of their steps and positive outcomes. Bravo to the staff for the stories and photos.

A BIG RANT against the original people of the Angel Food program that paid themselves each a half a million dollars and up. When I donate, I expect most of my monies or foods to be passed along to the ones in need right here in the CSRA. Golden Harvest has been the most honorable I’ve known in town, so a big rave to them!

FIVE YEARS AGO, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I’m a survivor! I also feel that The Chronicle should dedicate some space/color/etc. to all the other cancers.

HISTORIC OCTOBER snowfall in the North­east. Gotta love this global warming thing.

MR. MAYOR, IT’S TIME to stop talking about a new baseball stadium and get the police these protective vests that are needed. That’s important to the taxpayers.

THERE AREN’T MANY positive things talked about in the Augusta community it seems. However, the outpouring of support for Officer Paugh is unbelievable and heartwarming. It makes you proud to be from the Garden City. A salute to Sherriff Strength and all of the police officers.