Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


WHAT A FINE mess Fire Chief Howard Willis left behind. It’s hard to believe that all of the shenanigans have been allowed to go on for years. It took a recent Augusta Chronicle investigation to identify the illegal behavior. Thanks to The Chronicle for causing the problem to be identified. Keep going after corrupt situations like this one.

A BIG RAVE to District 8 Augusta Commission member Wayne Guilfoyle for taking time from his busy schedule, his family and his business to meet with more than 100 Goshen residents. His honest and straightforward discussion on several adverse issues concerning the south side and our community was much appreciated.

WHY WAS THAT firefighter on paid leave if they found proof that porn was sent and received from his computer? If you had proof, the guy should be punished with unpaid leave. I’m glad The Augusta Chronicle has been publishing the photos and names (so) at least put faces out so people can see them and wag their fingers or give a tongue lashing to them.

THE CITY’S out-of-shape firefighters, like their union spokesmen should voice their complaints in the newspaper or on radio and not show themselves in public until they can get back into working physical condition.

THE PERSON WHO hit the high school coach with a helmet deserves to go to prison for many years.

RAVES TO THE manager of the Krystal on Walton Way, Daryl Wilson. A lot of managers in fast food could take a tip from him.

JOHN BARROW IS a good man. He stands for what is right, and that includes everybody – not just Democrats.

A RANT TO THOSE who complain about President Obama campaigning around the country to promote job creation. President Bush did the equivalent of fiddling while Rome burned. He just sat back and allowed this financial disaster to happen.

A RANT FOR the rude “gentleman” who got out of his vehicle to point and yell at the guy who accidentally pulled out a little too far near O’Charley’s in Aiken. There’s a little thing called the Golden Rule; praying for you to find some peace!