Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


A RANT TO THE people living in the Manchester neighborhood that told my children were too big to trick or treat. I think that if my kids are still school age and love the holiday then let them celebrate it.

THANKS TO THE idiot who put a dog biscuit with purple icing in my grandson’s trick or treat bag. Probably would not have hurt him but that is just gross and it scary to think that weirdo lives in the neighborhood.

TO THE (OLDER) teenage thief who stole the werewolf hand plasma globe off our front porch on Halloween – you can explain to the over 100 kids who come by each year, why there will be no more Halloween handouts at the cool house on Jamaica Drive next year or any other.

I AGREE WITH THE ranter about the need for “blue” recognition of men who fight cancer. I would really like to know what all they go through for the breast and non-breast type cancers. How about some articles there in honor of male cancer survivors, please?

A BIG RANT to the mother who dragged her little boy around in his costume on Sunday to solicit for candies from homes.

HUGE RAVES TO THE Chronicle for going to Reuters News Service “to diversify the political news coverage”. I do not know if Reuters will more “fair and balanced” than the Associated Press but is obvious that the AP is slanting all their reporting to ensure Obama’s re-election.

TO THE WOMAN who ignored the stop sign and pulled out right in front of me on Mike Padgett in not only her pickup, but with trailer in tow, if the left lane had not been clear for me to swerve to avoid hitting you, there may have been another senseless death due to your actions. My child was in the car with me so learn how to drive with some sense or get off of the road!

YOU KEEP ON CUTTING the paper and you will cut yourselves out of business. Not everyone has computers.

ANOTHER RANT against the editorial page. I guess you have nothing else to do except report on Coach Spurrier. He had every right to ban Ron Morris from their press conferences. He is a very biased reporter just like The Augusta Chronicle.