Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



A RAVE FOR Dr. Ryals at Warren Road Elementary. You are the type of principal everybody wants and we are lucky to have you at our school. You are sweet and kind to all of us and I want to tell you how much we appreciate and love you.


SO NOW THERE ARE no local candidates for fire chief? City will spend $30K to find a new chief from New Jersey?? Or somewhere like it? Are they just plain crazy? Or egomaniacs?


I WATCHED MY grandson play football at North Augusta’s Lions Field, I noticed the mom in front of me. Her daughter, a cheerleader, was cheering her heart out. Not that mom ever noticed, because Mom was completely absorbed in her phone for the entire game. If a parent can’t give support for her child for the duration of a football game, she really needs to just stay home. I feel sorry for the ignored child.


ESPN MAY HAVE BEEN unfair to Hank Williams Jr. when they suspended his opening to MNF for things he said; but his career is receiving a boost, and that intro was getting tired anyway.


AARP’S LEADERS ARE as bad as the bully union bosses. They are running ads threatening any reform to Medicare but they happily endorsed Obamacare that takes hundreds of millions from Medicare.


WHY ISN’T THERE a blue newspaper for the men like me? I’m a five-year throat cancer survivor. The treatment was terrible. How about the men who have gone through and survived different kinds of cancer? Where is our love and caring?


SOME MAY NOT CARE for Newt, but he is smart, has good ideas and has been very effective in each GOP Debate.


A HUGE RANT to the powers that be planning on searching for a head fire chief out of state.


RANT TO THE Richmond County tag office. I purchased a car in September and bought a tag. My birthday is in October and they required me to buy another tag. I found out that is a state law that all you should have to pay is $5. They never mentioned that. That is not fair.


I HAVE LIVED HERE 14 years. In the past 5 years, this city has changed so much that I am not happy and am considering moving. We have gone from a great city that welcomed tourism to a city that is nothing but hoodlums.