Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



WE HAVE A mathematician in the White House. He has divided the people, multiplied the debt, added massive regulation burdens and subtracted from jobs and our respect in the world.


A RANT FOR THE church on the corner of 10th and Telfair. Just because low-income people live next door, you have NO right to keep ringing those loud bells.


COUNTRY SINGER Hank Williams Jr.’s shot at the nation’s first black president compared to Adolf Hitler was completely petty and unnecessary.


RANT FOR THE driver of the bright yellow Jeep that laid on the horn as we were turning into church a little before 10 a.m. off Washington Road. My son has had his permit for less than two months and might have turned a little slower than others. Give people a break!


HOPEFUL PRESIDENTS keep talking about their plans to “create jobs.” Don’t believe anybody who says that.


AS I LISTEN TO THE GOPs dig dirt and poor-mouth each other, I would vote for Charles Manson before I would vote for anything I have seen on TV....including our president.


THE RICHMOND COUNTY school bus service is in very poor condition as are the schools...so don’t you think we should give our superintendent a big bonus for poor performance?


FOR ONCE I AGREE with what Iran is saying: this assassination plot has been fabricated – not by the United States but by our president, to make him and Eric Holder look good.


WITH THE SIZE OF the new Chronicle, I feel like I am reading the Enquirer. I don’t like it.


ISN’T IT PITIFUL that John Barrow needs to call and aggravate people at 8 at night? He is killing his votes. I hope that other people agree with this.


I HAD TROUBLE with cats and other animals until I called Augusta Animal Control. The courtesy and speed with which they took care of the situation was the best thing I have found in Augusta. Thank you.


BRING BACK THE draft and more of the protesters will try to stay in school to avoid the draft. Less protesters, more jobs.


MY RANT IS in regards to Wall street protesters. Where were you a few days before the state put Troy Davis to death? You all are protesting and some of you don’t vote.