Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



A RANT TO the alarm companies whose employees mess around with people’s houses the night before they walk around streets to sell alarm systems. This has happened to me twice.


I WORKED FOR the Columbia County Board of Education, and before I left the system, we used to get what you would call a cost-of-living raise. But the cost of living is still going up and it’s been five years and still no raise.


THIS IS A RAVE for Mr. Jones at Jones Roofing. We thought we might need a new roof, and Mr. Jones came by and checked it out, and told us we don’t need a new roof. He could have said we need a new roof and taken our money, but he was honest. That’s why they have been in business so long. Honesty pays.


ON OCT. 4 I WAS about four cars back from an
accident on U.S. High­way 1. It was a scary scene, and someone appeared to be trapped in one of the vehicles. My CPR skills are quite weak. As I was trying to decide what, if anything, I should do, a young soldier jumped out of his car and ran to assist. I was so impressed with him. We thank you for your service, here and overseas.


THE LOCAL AIR SHOW (Boshears/SkyFest) is a 501(c)3, because it qualifies. Look it up: no one is paid, no political influence, all revenue pays for the show with any profits to charities. We support the Scouts, Boys/Girls Club, the vets and more. Our budget goal is to be able to offer a show the next year. We are a family-oriented event that is a bargain for what it costs to bring in the performers.


ONE OF THE RANTERS wrote, “I just want someone who can fix what’s broken within our government and Constitution.” The Constitution doesn’t need to be fixed: it needs to be followed.


I WOULD LOVE to see Windsor Spring Road and the south side of Richmond County get money for lighting.


ESPN MIGHT HAVE been unfair to Hank Williams Jr when it suspended his opening to Monday Night Football for things he said; but his career is receiving a boost, and that intro was getting tired anyway. Occupy Atlanta was totally disrespectful toward Rep John Lewis, however, when it would not allow him to speak; and everyone should be outraged at such treatment of a true hero.