Rants & Raves

Comments from our readers:


TO THE PRESIDENT OF Georgia Health Sciences University: If you want to cut expenses not salaries, stop needless spending and stop the ridiculous amount paid out on travel expenses. Too many people going to one seminar. Reduce your salary.

GOD BLESS LITTLE Shane Johnson. How tragic that this precious 3-year-old boy lost his life because of an overdose of methadone. It breaks my heart when children have to endure abusive conditions. Children do not deserve such treatment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had to earn the right and privilege to be a parent?

TO THE PERSON who ranted about the comic Cul de Sac being “below professional level”: It might be a simple comic, but it’s twice as well drawn as Overboard, which is an apparent favorite of many Chronicle readers, and is three times as funny. Perhaps Cul de Sac is just over your head?

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Atlanta Braves. It has been a long season with a lot of injuries. They had a really bad September, but we have a very good youth movement in the organization and a good manager so I think we will be doing fine. I want to say kudos to the Braves, and hopefully next year we will do well. Hopefully, Chipper will retire so we can address third base.

CHILDREN NEED TO BE protected. Every day, principals and teachers should ask students whether they are safe or being physically harmed or abused. This city needs a safety for kids campaign giving every child a resource safety card.

I THINK TOM BLAYLOCK has been there long enough on the Harlem City Council. My vote is for C.D. Morris. I hope he will be nice to the senior citizens of Harlem.

PRESIDENT OBAMA gave a speech telling Europe how to run their countries while President Obama runs ours into the ground. Everything Obama has ever said has been both arrogant and absurd.

THE REASON THAT President Obama is not considered a good president is because the unemployment is higher than it’s ever been. He doesn’t know what he is doing.

EVEN WITH THE NATION drowning in debt, two loans worth more than $1 billion have been approved for two energy companies for solar projects. Waiting in line for loan approval are seven more projects with a price tag of $5 billion. Where’s the money coming?

FIRST PRESIDENT CLINTON taught that oral sex was OK; now our president is telling illegal immigrants that it is all right to be here and to be on welfare. Can’t the Demo­crats find someone with morals?