Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


THANK YOU TO my father and my three brothers who served in the war. It’s a blessing; all have made it home safe.


THE FLYOVER INTERSECTION at River Watch Parkway and Reynolds Street needs attention. The weeds are so high they block the view of drivers merging onto River Watch Parkway. Send the mayor over there and let him see how bad it looks.


I HAVE NOT ATTENDED the Arts in the Heart of Augusta festival since they started charging admission. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to pay $7 just for the privilege of walking down Broad Street and being able to buy overpriced street food.


IF WE KEEP GETTING taxed, it won’t be long before all our service transactions will be in cash and under the table, as in Greece.


BIG RAVE FOR THE improvement to the e-edition. It’s so much easier to navigate and so much faster. Kudos to the management for stepping up and installing this.


RAVE TO ALL THE stores that provide in-store carts for the handicapped. Thank you. Most have wheelchairs, but someone has to push me. I like to shop by myself.


OK, FOLKS. LET’S get on the same page. Either we believe in our justice system and want criminals dealt with or we want to save them from their fate. You can’t have both.

I JUST READ THE COMMENT in today’s paper about shortening Bill Kirby’s column and cutting out his old jokes, etc. I want to say that he is my favorite thing in The Chronicle to read. It’s nice to have fresh news about people that is pleasant and a little humor now and then. Thank you.

THIS WAS THE best Arts in the Heart of Augusta ever. The weather was fantastic, and the layout was much improved. Keep the vendors under the trees again next year. Now, if the food tents can just stock enough food …

THE REASON THE president will never get any respect in this country is that there is too much hatred and bigotry and racism, including The Chronicle.

EVERY PRESIDENT has been badgered and bashed. If they can’t stand the heat, why do they spend millions to get elected?

I PRAY TROY DAVIS’ soul can now rest in peace. All the people who were begging for his execution, I hope they can rest easy now. That did not bring back the officer’s life. When Jesus walked the Earth, he abolished an eye for an eye, and I’m sure that God is not pleased with people’s wrath against this young man whether he was guilty or innocent.