Rants and Raves

WHY IS THE ATLANTA Arts Festival in Piedmont Park FREE? Or worded another way, why does AUGUSTA get away with charging $7 for ARTS IN THE HEART?



THE LIBERAL MEDIA appears to be in a pickle to find news that will distract people from Obama’s failures.


WHY IS IT THAT the RCBOE only mentions the south Augusta schools on the website? What about Warren Road Elementary, Lake Forest Elementary, CT Walker, Davidson, and AR Johnson? We have made accomplishments.


RANT TO AUGUSTA Water Works who charged my little old mom 14,000 gallons of water for the past two months. The house has been sold and vacant since mid July and the water was turned off a few weeks ago. I called them a year or so back about over charging with no cooperation. Shame on you for stealing from an 80-year-old.


LOOKS LIKE a special contract was created between the city of Augusta and the Forest Hills Golf Course. For a mere $143 per month, the course has an unlimited supply of city water. Before the ink was dry on this contract, one “crack reporter” should have been investigating it.


AUGUSTA NEEDS more competent leaders in our local government like Alvin Mason, who is willing to expose deception and mismanagement of government funds.


IT’S BEEN GALLING to find out that no one from Traffic and Engineering, or whatever department is in charge of the roads closures now, gave word to the Mobility/Augusta Public Transit of the closure of parts of Broad Street. They have to have time to plan out which alternate routes for the buses that usually travel on those closed roads. For years, that had been a problem. I’ve tried telling the bus company in advance as soon as I hear about such road closures and have even called them at the sites of car accidents to let the drivers know. In the past, the office staff seemed to ignore what I say and then the drivers are delayed trying to back out or become trapped for a while due to lack of room to back up from a closed road. People, get your act together.


SAXBY CHAMBLISS says his plan will give government more revenue. Alas, giving government more to spend just gives them more ammunition with which to shoot down freedom. Get rid of Saxby, and of Isakson.


A SUPPORTER OF Obama writes The Chronicle that its “opinions need more balance.” That’s standard socialistic lingo. A paper’s opinions need to be just the TRUTH. You can’t “balance it with other than the truth, i.e., with LIES.


THE U.S. GOVERNMENT says the grand fraud by Solyndra is under investigation by the FBI. Who controls the FBI? Attorney General Holder. And who controls Holder? Obama.