Rants and Raves

MOST OF THE “RAISES” the Augusta Commission wants to recover from employees are the result of reclassifications and promotions that reflect added responsibilities. Apparently the commission is running out of lawsuits to settle and want to generate some new ones.



RAVE: ELEGANT BRIDALS. Seriously the MOST amazing experience a bride could ask for! Their staff has been so completely helpful and caring about my wedding. Thank you a thousand times ladies!!!


I THINK OUR appearance says a lot about what we are and what we want to be. But the way our young boys and girls dress, they don’t care about who they are or what they want to be ... which isn’t much.


SOME POLITICIANS have made comments about Gov. Rick Perry’s intelligence. This is amusing to me since this is the party that elected Joe Biden as vice president. Just saying!!!!!


OOPS! RESPECT AND disrespect are verbs, as well as nouns! Check your dictionaries! I did.


IN RESPONSE TO a rant in (Aug. 31) paper, “Disrespect and respect are NOT verbs. They are nouns.”

Disrespect and respect are nouns AND transitive verbs. See dictionary for further details.


ECON 101: The government always wastes 50 percent of its budget. Twenty percent is because of no competition and the inability to purge bad employees.

Thirty percent will go toward securing next year’s budget. It’s government, not corporations, hosing us. The faith they can run anything well is a deadly miscalculation.


GETTING ON RIVERWATCH Parkway (toward Augusta) has become very dangerous at the point where three lanes become two. People whiz around in the right lane, knowing the lane is running out. But, instead of getting over long before the lane ends, they fly up and force their way over at the last moment. This is beyond rude – it is highly dangerous.


I PERSONALLY THINK Mr. Russell should have been the first one to be shown the door. Just because you have the authority to do something, does not mean you use poor judgment, as I think he did. If we have the money to give 15 percent raises (retroactive) to some employees because they were getting additional duties, then why not keep the employees being let go and then there would not be additional duties for some? However, Mr. Alvin Mason needs to remember that his name is “Alvin,” not “Perry.”


A RAVE FOR THE young woman who stopped her car and picked up my bag and belongings that had fallen off the bumper of my fire truck, I was so grateful and tried to offer her a reward but she totally refused. It was very uplifting for me to see that Good Samaritans still exist in this town! She didn’t even tell me her name, but you know who you are! Thank you very much again, and God Bless You!