Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


DEREGULATION BY Republicans has caused this financial mess we are in and now they want more deregulation. I am going out into my yard to relax with a nice big glass of deregulated water and take a deep breath of unregulated air while perusing my bank statement where my teeny saving account earns a whopping .01%. Aaaah.


JUST A SUGGESTION to Fred Russell since he has managed to save a million and a half dollars that the commissioners probably didn’t know about or they would have already spent it. My suggestion with that money is to buy those fingerprint devices. Put every one of them in patrol cars in Richmond County. You would be surprised at the number of people who would be arrested and charged if the police officers have those devices in their vehicles. It is taxpayer money and it would benefit the taxpayers for a change.


WOW, THE PRESIDENT of Iran speaking of freedom as a right to all... to Syria... what a load!!!


TO MY DELIGHT I saw where my Webster’s Dictionary was printed and bound in the USA.


WHERE DOES OBAMA think $300 billion will come from for his latest job creation idea? Our country is beyond broke and now he wants to put us in deeper debt. All of Obama’s stimulus projects have failed and his group of financial wizards he hires are worthless.


RAVE TO CAROLE at Sconyer’s. Carole was our server last Saturday and she was beyond accommodating plus the food was delicious. Wonderful dining experience!


IF OBAMA WOULD deport the illegal immigrants, there would be plenty of jobs.......


HERE’S YOUR CHANGE: National average of gas per gallon 2009: $1.83, 2011: $3.95; price for a barrel of oil 2009: $43.48, 2011: $99.02; and the price for a Troy ounce of gold 2009: $853.25, 2011: $1,504.50. I’m not sure if we can afford to continue with this change.


RANT FOR THE CHRONICLE: You’ve been publishing Associated Press “news articles” which to the careful reader are clearly political propaganda attacks on SC Gov. Haley. The articles imply that she is less than competent, extravagant with taxpayer money, and possibly corrupt, but the only evidence in the articles is “critics say” and that sort of thing. I don’t live in SC and don’t have much interest in SC politics, but I can’t see in these articles any evidence of malfeasance on her part. She just appears to me to be busy doing what she told SC voters she’d do if they elected her. If the AP doesn’t like that, let them openly campaign for her opposition. The AP in recent years has become sneaky and unethical, and this kind of article is not news.


FOR THOSE LOOKING for this president to deliver a jobs program, forget it. This president is ideologically incapable of creating even one new private sector job.