Rants and Raves

I SURE WISH the downtown library would make it clear who’s got to pay for their meeting room. I just got charged $325, and now I hear the some groups get the room free. What gives?



A RAVE FOR Augusta police: Thanks to the officer who helped my daughter on Wednesday on Walton Way when her car was hit. He was nice to her and stayed with her until the tow truck could get there.


THE MOST SUCCESSFUL Richmond Academy team of the 1950s was the girl’s basketball team. I was just wondering why their accomplishments continue to go unnoticed?


TO THE ATHEISTS, I really think Chick-fil-A and any other business has the right to close on Sunday. Many moons ago when all businesses closed on Sunday, it meant more time with family, and I personally admire anyone that does close on Sunday and wish all businesses would do so; it might be a better world than what it is now with the greed for the almighty dollar in the driver’s seat.


GERI SAMS IN the Procurement Department is the problem. Not Fred Rus­sell. Just look at what she has cost the city in lawsuits that have been settled because of the defiance of proper procedure in the Procurement Department. Russell is just a red herring to cover up the lawsuit we just lost. Investigate Sams and the Procurement Department.


THIS IS A RANT against television producers and a deplorable habit they’ve adopted to waste minutes
out of a half-hour or hour-long show. I’m not talking about commercials. I speak of those blurbs they stick in, telling
you before the show starts what you are going to see, then showing you again before a break to commercial what you are going to see, then showing you what you just viewed when they come back from a commercial. Is the American public that stupid?


IF YOU’VE BEEN with the same person going on 12 years and you became ill and went to the hospital and were in the hospital for five days, wouldn’t you think it was kind of rude that the person never came to see you when you were in the hospital?


SOMEONE WROTE that until Augusta is rid of Commissioners Alvin Mason and Bill Lockett, our city will stay in turmoil. I’ll give you three choices of who could have wrote that: the mayor, the administrator or the fire chief.


A RANT FOR Augusta drivers. I’m new to this area, but it didn’t take me long to figure out when a light turns red you’d better wait for a few seconds because there is going to be at least two more cars that run through it. That seems to be the normal thing around here. That and no turn signals. And of course, none of you know how to read a speed limit sign.