Rants & Raves

THANK YOU to Mrs. Cart­ledge, who assisted me on Old Sudlow Lake Road on Wednes­day night while helping me find our Pomeranian. She was such a godsend at a very scary moment for us. God Bless you!


ALL YOU DRUNKS need to stop trying to force me to stop smoking in my own car. You all need to get a grip. Focus on something worthwhile like jobs and the national debt.

CASH IS KING. When the stock market crashes, gold will be king when cash is devalued. Don’t sell your gold to those people who will be rich and you will be broke. Keep your gold!

OBAMA NEEDED a 10-day vacation to Martha’s Vineyard because he was all tired out from going back and forth to Dover Air Base meeting those incoming coffins.

I DROVE MY NIECE to school last week and I could not believe how some of those girls were dressed! What’s wrong with their parent’s minds? My mother would turn over in her grave.

WHY DO SECTION 8 and Medicaid people get free cell phones with 200 minutes every month? No wonder the people who really need assistance can’t get it.

DRIVING ON I-520 between Gordon Highway and Deans Bridge Road, it smells awfully bad from the dump over there off Old McDuffie Road. I don’t know what’s going on over there. I’ve already called the EPA. There’re supposed to be dumping trees and limbs into that dump, but it smell very grotesque. The EPA needs to come out.

A RANT FOR the SRNS Dept of Energy at Savannah River Site. They are discriminating against people with their age in their layoffs. And the president is resigning now that they have taken the money from us. And they are just allowing this to happen.

IF A LAW GETS gets passed banning smoking in cars then you (the government) need to park patrol cars outside all bars so you can take care of that problem.

ME AND MY WIFE just moved here from Michigan and I just want to say there is excellent service at the Home Depot in Evans, especially by a young man named Joe. He has always been so kind.

A RAVE FOR Columbia County Board of Education for being fiscally responsible and overcrowding some classrooms making kids stand during class. Continue making kids your No. 1 priority.