Rants & Raves

THE DOG WHO was brutally killed at Maxim Crane was named “Chuckie.” Six years ago, she took homestead at Maxim Crane. She was not there for security purposes. The guys and ladies that worked there took good care of her, sharing in the cost of dog food and bringing her leftovers. They built her a dog house out in the back, but she chose to stand guard at the gate. The house was moved out front for her. The people who worked there often went by on weekends and nights to give her food. Even when Maxim closed shop in Augusta, the guys and ladies would still care for Chuckie by going by. I agree, whoever killed her is a lowlife and deserves to be punished. We will all miss Chuckie.


A RANT TO DFCS in Augusta. Why is it that no one will ever answer the phones? And if you do finally get someone, they put you on hold for 20 minutes and then hang up. You call back and the line is busy. Leave a message and no one calls back.

A TREMENDOUS RAVE to the Praise Band at Warren Baptist during the 10:45 a.m. service in the sanctuary. I always enjoy your amazing talent and appreciate the dedication you show to the Glory of God.

I AGREE WITH THE person about dogs being in the back of a truck. This is a dangerous situation for a dog, and the owner should show more compassion for the safety of this animal. Let them ride inside the truck with you or at least provide a safety device.

I PERSONALLY LIKED Barnes & Noble better when the store was at its former location. Parking was easier, and I liked the layout of the store. This is just my opinion, and I guess I don’t handle change well at my age and stage.

SHAME ON WELLS Fargo for not exempting college students from the new fees on debit cards – this is absolute greed.

UNTIL AUGUSTA IS rid of the cabal, it will stay in the past.

RAVES TO THE LADIES who prepare the food for Bonnie Ruben’s Southern Cooking lunch buffet at the Broad Street hotel. The food – barbecue chicken, shepherd’s pie, rutabagas, black-eyed peas, squash, and corn bread – was delicious. Brought back pleasant gustatory memories of my youth. The lunch buffet is a downtown gem.

I AM NOT DEBATING the raises as to right or wrong, but if Fred Russell was job-searching on vacation, does he not have that right? Wouldn’t you if you were in his shoes? After all, it’s not like this city doesn’t have the reputation for running city administrators out of town on a rail.

WE’RE NOT EVEN through with the Irene calamity, yet the Republicans immediately want to pay for the damages through cuts to Medicare and Social Security benefits. Bless their shameless souls.