Rants & Raves

Comments from our readers.


THIS IS A RANT to the psychiatrist who was so worried about small charges to others’ credit cards. I have never carried a monthly balance on any credit card, and I make small charges to my credit card associated with my checking account in order to earn way more monthly interest than any saving account. So mind your own business.

THIS IS A RANT for the library at Telfair and Greene streets. I saw that woman with those two irate kids – heavy, fat lady with blue hairspray in her hair, 50-something years old – trying to fight a woman that has been coming to the library for years. Sometimes it’s not the kids, it’s the parents. Whatever is wrong with you, you need to get that fixed. The library is not a boxing ring or an animal house. So if you are an animal, you need to get put out to pasture.

WHEN BEYONCE’S PREGNANCY becomes national headline news, this is proof positive that the United States has become one of the dumbest countries on the entire world.

THIS IS A RANT to the Rich­mond County Board of Educa­tion to give parents scripted and pat answers. That makes no sense at all. Most of you have doctorates, and you can’t stand before a group of parents and articulate your answers without having it scripted and the questions written down ahead of time. Get real, BOE; that’s a disgrace.

I’M SICK AND TIRED of Lincoln’s deification and MLK. These people are not heroes.

THE AFTERNOON RADIO talk show host is such a hypocrite. He makes no bones about his dislike of country music, yet give him a chance to be at any news event with Lady Antebellum and he’s their biggest fan. Go figure.

UNTIL AUGUSTA IS RID of Mason and Lockett, our city will stay in turmoil.

WHAT’S MORE INTOXICATING while driving and has caused more accidents in the past two years: alcohol or cell phones? I would bet that it’s cell phones. Could we manage for one week without cell phones?

RANT FOR THE Savannah Riverkeeper. You people claim to clean up the river. After that lame Paddlefest, which seems like a kiddy ride compared to the old Raft Race, you left all your promotional signs all willy-nilly. Some of the signs blew into the river, and you also left some floating markers in the river, causing a boat hazard. Pick up after yourself and get that 200-foot pipe and other trash you left lying around at the riverfront marina.

THIS IS TO ALL the Richmond County commissioners: If you take back all the raises that Fred Russell just gave out, it would look good in the eyes of the taxpayer because it was wrong.

DISRESPECT AND RESPECT are NOT verbs. They are nouns.