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NEVER TRUST ANYONE who has two first names, for instance Fred Russell. I mean really.


A RANT FOR our elected representatives. Social Security is going broke. For 2011 the maximum taxable earnings amount for Social Security taxes is $106,800. Those who make a million dollars a year only pay Social Security taxes on $106,800. Once again our congressmen are watching out for themselves and their rich cronies. This tax should not be capped; it should be a progressive tax with no income limits. Write your congressmen today.

I SEE MOSES TODD IS in the news again. Come on back Moses; we need a mayor.

WHY AREN’T PEOPLE ashamed that their children are hungry? Hair extensions, gold jewelry, acrylic nails, tanning salons and designer clothes don’t feed the children they choose to have.

DOES IT REALLY strike fear in the hearts of evil-doers to know they may get three life sentences, or life-plus-100 years for a crime? Stupid and a waste of time.

HOW MUCH MONEY was paid for that very ugly chandelier at the dental school? That guy got over on some people. It’s ugly not cool.

OUR CURRENT government is sowing the seeds of revolution again.

WHY TAKE A helicopter up in the air to search for marijuana when the three guys selling it can be plainly seen selling it out of the section 8 house across the street?

WHY IS THE TSA frisking blue-eyed, leggy blondes, old people, cripples and wee kiddies? Your bomber will be dark hired, brown eyed and creepy looking. Everyone else needs to be let past without so much as a shoe check. Look for the obvious. Do some profiling.

DON’T SELL YOUR GOLD! It’s all a way to control us when gold is our only money. You give it up now and you will have nothing when the currency is devalued and eliminated.

THIS IS A RANT to the woman in the restaurant a couple of weeks ago who changed the baby’s dirty, stinky diaper right there at the table and then laid it on the floor still stinking so bad we had to tell the waitress. She then had to dispose of it for the lady. I feel so sorry for that baby because she didn’t even go wash her hands. How many germs are you giving back to the baby? Didn’t you know the restaurant had a bathroom with a changing table and a nice sink so you could have washed your hands? You had two other ladies with you. Shame on you.

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