Rants & Raves

FOR ALL YOU Obama haters, why don’t you just go ahead and suck it up? He’s our president. You should respect him. He has a term, and he’ll be there until his term is over. If I have anything to say about it, he’ll be president again next term.


WHAT’S WRONG WITH this picture? We are sending our kids overseas to fight a war to get killed. While they’re gone, there are thieves who break in and steal everything they have. The police will keep them in jail overnight, and the judges turn them loose. They act crazy. They get a crazy check and go home to their moms, who are on welfare. They have no initiative to work if they can get more for not working.

LIES, LIES, LIES. That’s all you hear on that blasted television anymore. Everybody is selling something and advertising this and advertising that. None of that stuff works. It’s all bologna. Those people are just actors doing advertisements. They are not real people who have really experienced those losses on that diet stuff. You know very well if you eat or overeat, you’re going to gain weight.

I AM A PSYCHIATRIST. I have been to these convenience stores and grocery stores from time to time. I have seen people use their major credit cards and their debit cards to write off $4 items or $6 items and charge it. These people need to call me and make an appointment because we need to talk. They have lost it. Anybody that will put $3.45 worth of items on a charge card should be in debt, and that’s exactly what they are, in my opinion, in debt.

IT SEEMS THE amphitheater in Columbia County might have been poorly thought-out. Crime and traffic are going to really increase. Perhaps the county commission should have thought a lot more about this, and Lady Antebellum is way too new of a group to be naming anything after.

I REFUSE TO PATRONIZE any business establishment on a Saturday that has kids outside waiting to accost me for money for one cause or another. Enough is enough.

FROM THE CONSTANT negative comments, opinions, editorials and cartoons aimed at the Democrats, it appears that someone on the staff of The Augusta Chronicle is running for president. Good luck.

A RANT ABOUT the bicyclists' situation in Augusta. I drive Walton Way and Wrightsboro Road frequently, and bicyclists run the red lights and almost get hit by cars almost daily. They don’t obey the traffic laws and act as though they were vehicles, which is what they are supposed to do, according to the Georgia State Patrol. They don’t stop for red lights, they don’t yield; they just take the road and say get out of my way I’m coming. That’s not good.