Rants & Raves

A RANT TO THE person who says if somebody in your office gets a raise, then everybody in your office gets a raise. You give people a raise for the productive work they do in the office. Some people just sit back and hope over the years that they get a raise. Raises are given to people who do productivity. Longevity in an office should only count on the vacation schedule. Just keep giving raises to the people who do productive work and let the other people keep complaining.


WHAT A GREAT Republican debate. I believe Herman Cain really stood out as an honest, highly experienced candidate. I also love his humility and his sense of humor.

A RANT FOR Tiger Woods having the nerve to call his former caddie disloyal when Tiger certainly knows the meaning of disloyal.

I HAVE A RANT. I was passing by an elementary school during dismissal time and saw new cars driving out of the parking lot with little children who could barely see over the dashboard seated in the front seat. If they had an accident, what would they do? Why are people letting small children sit in the front?

A RAVE TO ALL our leadership here in the United States. I’m going to be sensitive just like everybody else. We have a mayor who’s doing an awesome job, our commissioners are doing great. We have a governor that’s just doing a fine job. Of course our president, whatever he says or does, it’s all good. This is a rave to all of our politicians. Thank you.

THIS IS A RANT TO the recent article about God and dogs by the Rev. Taylor. My social Christian friends who attend church on Sunday come up for a few hours to be seen and the remainder of the week cheat and lie to one another and are less godly than my dogs who are friends.

THIS IS A BIG RAVE for Chad at the Walmart Vision Center. He went out of his way to help me with my glasses. His professionalism and patience were very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

A BIG RAVE AND a “Thank you!” to Augusta Ready Mix! I drive a lot for work and when I see a “Support Our Troops” cement truck, I can’t help but smile, plus feel proud and grateful to ARM for recognizing our hard-working men and women in uniform.

A HUGE RANT and a “shame on you” to restaurants that do not offer a military discount. I find it especially offensive when a waiter/waitress says. “No, we don’t give military discounts but we do give police officer discounts.” What does that mean exactly? Our men and women in the service work hard and fight in 120-plus-degree temperatures all over the world 24/7. Many come home in caskets daily. It would be very kind to offer a discount for our service members and their families in recognition of their sacrifice.

DEKE CANNOT RUN as mayor again, and I can’t see him running for a state office because he is not capable of doing a public debate.