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ALVIN MASON IS RIGHT. A department head is someone to hold responsible for jobs under him. The county is like one big family. When you give a raise, you should give a raise to everyone. Just because they're asked to do a little bit more because they are supervisors, doesn't mean you should have to pay them more.

KUDOS TO Columbia County's only hometown garbage company that picks up everything you have on time, all the time and never charges you for extra bags or boxes.

Thank you, Columbia Waste.

IF YOU SEE A DOG tied to a tree in this weather, please call animal control. This is criminal. All dogs must have adequate water and shelter.

A RANT TO the person suggesting Columbia County needs to patrol in Stratford neighborhood. Maybe they should patrol your backyard. Like you say, who knows what might be going on?

How many civil liberties are certain people willing to give up? Enough is enough.

JUST READING about Claire at the Eye Guys office. She helped me also to reschedule. I'm a senior citizen. I had a small problem and she took care of me. She was very professional. Thank you, Claire.

HOW CAN YOU justify raises for some people in your office when other employees have to take furlough days?

I THINK THAT Augusta needs an administrator not a dictator. I agree with Mr. Mason. It's time for Mr. Russell to go.

I WANT TO THANK CSRA'S Life Savers. I recently had three of my animals spayed there at their reasonable rates.

HUGE RAVE to the Jamestown Community Center for a wonderful summer camp!!! My children enjoyed the camp very much. The staff was very professional, friendly and really cared about the welfare of each and every child in the center. We will definitely be there next year.

PLEASE STOP TEXTING while driving. If you don't care about your life, at least care about the life of others and the children. Go out in the country where nobody is around and text all you want.

GOV. HALEY AND other South Carolina Republican government leaders have lost their minds. They refuse to accept education funds from the federal government. Therefore, the income taxes that South Carolinians pay will now go to other states. No wonder South Carolina is always near the bottom in education.

A RANT TO The Chronicle, the AP, the BBC, Fox News and others for merely parroting the politically correct dogma that the riots in Britain are about "poverty" and "unemployment," when in fact, they are race riots arising directly from the failure of multiculturalism. Just Google The Daily Telegraph or The Daily Mail , or the British National Party or You Tube and read what ordinary Britons see when they look around.

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