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THIS IS A RANT for Spirit Creek Middle School. People seem to think it's funny when a girl beats up a boy. I raised my son not to hit girls, but if he turned around and flattened a girl, it would be a big thing. Girls, you know boys aren't supposed to hit back, so you need to keep your hands to yourself, or you will get hit back.

RANT TO THE COUNTY: We are broke and you are still spending money. We are on furlough days and you are still spending money. We have systems working for HR, Payroll, etc., and you are still spending money Keep what you have and use the W eb-based systems. QUIT spending money - money we do not have!

BOEHNER CLAIMS, re: the debt mess, "We got 98 percent of what we wanted." He's an idiot AND a liar. Both parties are hopelessly corrupt.

says we must keep an army, i.e., self-defense. Good. It never says to spend a nickel on Marxist programs. Yet, politicians now speak of cutting spending on the army but not cutting the trillions we spend on marxism. That's backwards. And it's treacherous.

YES ON TERM LIMITS. Did anybody know that in the original democracy, a long time ago in Athens, Greece, the head man was elected to serve ONE DAY in office.

WE NEED TO BRING our men home. There's no reason why we have to have three wars going, plus. This is absolutely unacceptable.

AS I WATCHED coverage concerning the debt reduction deal, the commentators talk about winners and losers and whether the Democrats or Republicans won. Well, as usual, the politicians won, the American people lost.

THIS IS A RANT for all the rich people. Please do not cut the senior annual Medicare and Medicaid.

I WOULD LIKE to thank the lady from Grovetown who stayed with me when I fell at the airport last week. I didn't realize how much she had done until I got where I was going. Please thank her for me. She did so much and I appreciated it.

NO MATTER WHAT you may think about SRS, one thing is for sure and that's SRS has no one on site to fight for jobs. Upper management don't make this area their home. They really don't care what happens in Aiken/Augusta area because they will just go to another DOE site .

A RANT FOR THE commissioners. Why are the employees at the transit department being treated like sheep to the market? We go home everyday wondering if we are going to have a job or who we will be working for. Not one person from downtown has come to the transit and talked to the workers. Our job is already stressful and now this. How would you like it if you had to read the newspaper for information on your job?

know what the mothball property ordinance is? I've lived in Augusta 63 years and I've never heard of it.

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