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THIS IS A HEARTFELT rave for Dr. Sunil Lal and the wonderful staff at the Augusta Surgical Center. Thank you for exemplifying professional and courteous characteristics during my procedure. God bless!

TO THE MORON DRIVING the white Ford Taurus on July 28 on Sconyers Way. I saw you throw your Krystal bag of trash out the car window. You are a complete idiot, and frankly are no better then the trash you discarded. I've got your license tag.

AUGUSTA COMMISSION could save the taxpayers a bunch of money with a little thought. Why can't my water and sewer bill be e-mailed to me and others and save the cost of the paper, return envelope, printing, postage and handling?

A RAVE FOR AMERICAN government. It is working exactly as the founding fathers envisioned. Congress fighting to try to work out a deal among competing beliefs in how government should function. Our employees (Congress members) in fear of how the electorate might react to what they do and facing being fired. People actually paying attention to what the idiots in Washington are actually doing.

WHO IS KIDDING WHOM? There is a plan to cut $1 trillion over 10 years; however, the government will spend, this year, over 1.5 trillion beyond what it is going to take in. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out where we are heading.

I'D LIKE TO MAKE a comment about the new bus system that they're bringing to Augusta. I think that's a great idea, and I think that we'll have better bus drivers with better attitudes and treating the public a little better because we've had a lot of complaints and there's a lot of bus drivers with bad attitudes and I think they should have better drivers and better attitudes and treat the customers nicer.

I'D LIKE TO GIVE a big rave to Smith Tire Co. and Smitty's Automotive Service, both on Gordon Highway, for their long-standing great automotive work for the Augusta residents.

AS A TEA PARTY conservative and supporter, I am proud of the tea party representatives in Congress for withstanding and holding true and stopping this foolishness in the White House. I'm proud of them..

THIS IS A RANT for Congress. Both houses. Both parties. All members. Do they not understand American history? We rebelled against the English because of taxation without representation. Can we now rebel against our own Congress because of representation that is irresponsible, inadequate? Please let us know. We are ready to rebel. Can't take too much more.

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