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I WATCHED the maintenance men from Columbia County school system spread dirt with shovels. It is a shame and a disgrace to make them do it by hand. I know they have enough money to buy a tractor or rent a tractor. Watching that was so not cool; whoever made them do by hand should be made to be there with then to see what it is to be in that heat. I guess they just don't care. Glad I am not there.

THE AUGUSTA COMMISSION already produces enough natural gas, and it stinks. They should leave the trash haulers alone.

I WOULD LIKE to congratulate Masters City Little League 11-year-olds for winning the championship. We are very proud of all of you. A very big thank you to the coaches, their families and the parents.

MR. TINNEY WRITES a strong letter, and he's on the right side. Alas, what he proves is that the game is rigged so that sooner or later the federal government will step in where the Constitution gives them no authority and claim that homosexuals win, no matter what.

REP. JIM CLYBURN USES the standard socialist/Obama scare lingo to frighten unaware Americans about the debt crisis, caused by such as Clyburn and Obama. In so many words, Clyburn says House Republicans will take the American family "down into the abyss." It's all political, folks. And in this case, it's political felony theft -- just for starters.

WHY HAS NOBODY staged a rebellion against the Augusta-Richmond County Public Library's 19th century bathroom policies. They require a library card in exchange for a bathroom key -- and they let folks go potty only one at a time. Isn't this a public facility? God forbid that you should get busted by the bathroom police.

I WOULD LIKE to give a rant about whoever started the ad valorem taxes on tags. You can't even have a decent vehicle without having to pay so much. I would love to help campaign against the one to get rid of the ad valorem tax. It is so stupid, whoever started it. I would love to give them a few bills to have to pay for us poor people.

LET'S REWARD THESE FOOLS in Congress by voting every one of them out of office, regardless of party.

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