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To the person that is sick of the H.E.A.T. car in North Augusta. Don't you know that in North Augusta that HEAT stands for Hand Everyone A Ticket?

Could the Sheriff's Department get hold of one of those H.E.A.T. cars and put it in my neighborhood for a couple of days?

I'm sure many will say that I should not bring the Bible into the tragic situation our nation is in but in the Book of Nehemiah is the account of how devastation was handled and the perseverance and will to move forward. To begin with you must have the correct leadership and Nehemiah proved over and over again to be that leader. He could not have accomplished the restoring process without the help of GOD and those who were able-bodied and willing to work even in times of wanting to give up. Nehemiah had the qualities to do what was right and what was best for his people. We desperately need the kind of leadership who can do their best and get our nation back on its feet and for the good of the people.

Judge Flanagan, how do you know what the victim wanted?

If the Richmond County commissioners want to do something, let them pass an ordinance that makes these men pull their pants back up to their waist and quit showing their rear ends. Nobody wants to see their rear ends except for the men in prison.

This is a rave for Lori Davis. She is one of the most compassionate, caring, articulate women that I have ever met. She cares about Augusta and she is trying to clean up Harrisburg. Plus she's helped all of the other areas in Augusta-Richmond County. She is one nice lady and more people need to see her, be around her and see what she can do for you. I just wish she had been elected mayor instead of the one that we have. I think she would've been a lot better. But raves to Lori Davis. Keep up the good work.

Generic medicine is fine if it works. I have one that's $400 a month regular and the generic doesn't work.

I have been a Bulldog fan since the early days of Vince Dooley and no matter what the record of Mark Richt is, I will always be a fan of Coach Richt. Coach Dooley and Coach Richt have always had qualities that can't be displayed on a scoreboard - class and professionalism and no matter if they are ahead 40 to 0, or behind 40 to 0, their demeanor and professionalism on the sideline is the same. Some of the players commit to Georgia not because it's Georgia, but for the chance to play for Mark Richt. If the University and some "so called" fans demand Richt's dismissal, then Georgia deserves to sink to the bottom.

Isn't it ironic that the only person who was punished during the Anthony trial was the young man who made an obscene gesture? Is the whole world laughing at the American justice system these days?

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