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Headline: (Augusta Regional Airport) "Runway to close for upgrade." $14,000,000 for maybe one mile of paving, a few lights and a few new signs? That's $2,600 per FOOT for paving. Take away lights and signs and call it $2,000 per FOOT! ($166 per INCH!) Have politicians already produced the streets of gold?

N.Y. Sen. Charles Schumer was on TV worried about New York City bus schedules. Are local buses any business of federal office holders? No way! Every day these D.C. guys poke their noses further into our business.

A rant for Judge Flanagan for releasing Amber Rose Lever and stating that she "put herself in jail ... because she did not listen." Actually, she put herself in jail by breaking the law, not once, but twice within a six-month time frame. Obviously, her punishment less than six months ago -- probation, license suspension, community service and a fine - had no impact on this young lady. I am not sure why the same type of punishment -- serving on probation and community service by speaking to schools, churches and other groups - will work this time.

Obama spokesman Jay Carney says the U.S. government must not "lose borrowing authority." That's exactly backwards. The U.S. government MUST lose ALL authority to borrow.

This is a rave for the Richmond County mosquito control. I have had to call them twice recently regarding the huge outbreak of mosquitoes this year. They have responded to my calls within 24 hours each time and Mr. Bobby Kitchens has come out and sprayed my property. I cannot stress how much I appreciate the excellent service!

This is a rant to our commissioners. Augusta Chronicle needs to do an investigation on how many studies these commissioners bought over the last 10 years and did not listen to the advice of the study. And now they're talking about another one when our city is in a shortfall. Please, somebody do something.

Our politicians in Washington need to quit playing chicken, trying to see which party's going to blink first. Get down to the real work that you were sent there for. This is not a game.

Why aren't the taxpayers of Columbia County screaming about the property tax increase? The commission gave you 12.50 and the school board took 25.

The government should withhold all money from MCG, if they are giving free service to illegal immigrants. What a slap-in-the-face to the legal immigrants.

I regret voting for the Republicans!

Can anyone please tell me why the security guards on Fort Gordon don't have ceiling fans like most military? I think some of their supervisors should stand with their officers on the 100-plus days. I see them fighting gnats and flies and mosquitoes. Unless the wind is blowing they have no airflow. I hope the post commander reads this.

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