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Comments from our readers:


This is taking leniency too far. Amber Rose Lever should serve her jail term. This was not just a freak accident; she had a total disregard for the law and caused the death of another person. Justice is not being served in this case.

THE ATLANTA PUBLIC School system fired four area superintendents for their part in the massive cheating scandal, but these people are still getting paid, which amounts to $550,000 in combined annual salaries. Tell me what is wrong with this picture?

JUDGE DOUGLAS FLANAGAN stated that reports from the detention center on Amber Rose Lever were that she was "remorseful and miserable." Well, isn't that what jail time is supposed to create in a person?

A RAVE FOR The Augusta Chronicle Rants & Raves section, where you can get the pulse of the local community. All of the area's rednecks, racists, atheists, baby killers, Bible thumpers, conservatives, liberals, Bush blamers, Obama haters and especially the mentally challenged meet on the Rants & Raves daily to provide opinions and dissent that promote thoughtful discussion among the masses. The Chronicle should print an entire page in its newspaper of all the Rants & Raves that ... never get printed. Charge extra for those editions and see how your circulation goes up on those days the Rants & Raves are expanded.

A RAVE FOR KYLE Martin's writing, from the opening paragraph's delightful construction, through the orderly introduction of facts in the body of the article, to the closing quote (YDC's class shows off shed; July 27). It is so encouraging to read a complete account that has proper pronouns, no lie/lay mis-lay, correctly placed plurals/possessives), etc. Smooth, informative, interesting, encouraging in both subject and tone; perfect with the first cuppa. Thanks, Miss or Mr. Martin!

I SEE WHERE THE NAACP is harping on the flag again. This group will never be happy. They will always find something to harp on to try to promote racial problems. If the flag comes down, what good will it do and how will it help the people of color or the people of no color?

IF THE OPPOSITE OF pro is con, then the opposite of progress would be Congress.

I GOT A TAXPAYER-PAID mail-out today from the U.S. Postal Service advertising buying stamps by -- where else? -- mail. But don't worry. It's also written in Mexican. (Servicio postal de lost estados unidos orden de compra ...") Now, don't you feel better knowing the U.S. government is being run by idiotas?

RE: THE "LEADERSHIP" in Washington. Without cussing, words fail.