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I'd like to leave a rave for Patrick and Shannon. They helped me change my tire on Wednesday, July 20, in the parking lot of Langford Middle School. These two young individuals were so sweet and kind and I just wanted to leave a rave and say God bless them and thank you for people like that in the community.

The Georgia Public Defen­ders outfit has been a big-government scam from its beginning. All it does is waste money by hiring its buddies who then pile up legalistic nonsense, then claim there is too much work to do. The old system of having the judge appoint a lawyer to work pro bono worked well for 200 years. Why was it changed? To satisfy marxists in government and lobbying groups.

I find the title Gang of Six very appropriate for a congressional committee. For years the two major congressional gangs (Republicans and Democrats) have used smoke screens and mirrors to bamboozle and flimflam the American voter. Past action, such as special perks for individuals and companies, forcing home loans that could not be repaid, encouraging companies to send jobs overseas, trying to buy friendship around the world by these gangs has brought the U.S. to the edge of bankruptcy. Any proposal from the Gang of Six will not alleviate the problem.

This is a rant to the Rich­­m­ond County Board of Education: nine furlough days! Because you refuse to make spending cuts where necessary. Do you really need four principals at Hephzibah High? Do we need to reassign inefficient principals to the BOE? Do we need over 100 instructional and grad coaches? Do we need to pay two superintendents' salaries? Columbia County didn't even have to raise their property taxes and no furlough days. This is why you keep losing good teachers and coaches. Your lack of foresight and care for your teachers are obvious - yet you'll come in expecting everyone to act ... like we're not being ripped off.

This is a rant to the athletic department in Richmond County: You recently stated that if coaches complained then other people would be glad to take their $1,500 job. Excuse me? Really? That comment is laughable and shows the lack of appreciation for the coaches who devote their time in this county.

Hey Richmond County -- Do you think we can have effective air in the classroom this year? My kids should be learning, not wiping sweat off their foreheads.

This is a rant for Uni­versity Hospital. I was in the emergency room and it is ridiculous, the way the chairs are just tore up and just look horrible for somebody to have to and sit in. They really don't have a decent seat in that emergency room. And that is just awful. I just pray that they do something, because University has been a very nice hospital. What is happening to it?

These Tea Partiers and the Republicans are going on about the deficit and everything. And I know something needs to be done. You don't have to convince me of that. But you let a person miss a check, where he can't pay his bills, and I guarantee you, whether he's a Tea Partier or not, he will turn his back on whatever congressman or senator votes against this thing. That's just the way life is. As long as things are going good, we are fine. But when it comes to our money, that's when the stuff hits the fan.


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